Social Distancing Doesn’t Have to be Boring

Staying at home to control and flatten the curve is an incredible act of compassion and responsibility, and the community benefits – but it can be overwhelming, even if you feel fine. Thankfully, all around the world, online resources are popping up to assist you in making this time a little more bearable. Scroll through the links below and check back for updates!

Last updated at 5:34 pm 6/20/2020

Resources for Readers

Free Manga

Genealogy Resources (free for Kansas residents)

For Artists

Virtual Field Trips

Go exploring from the comfort of your own home!

Go anywhere on Earth with Google Earth.

Live Streams – free live cam feed from famous places or faces, some of them are temporary, one-of-a-kind live streams in response to the coronavirus outbreak.


National Parks

Tourist Attractions & Landmarks

Unique Virtual Experiences

Online Games


Kid-friendly Interface

All Ages

Parents & Teachers – online resources to help fill the potential gap in learning caused by the unexpected school closures