Just a few of the things we offer:

A 3D Printer

A computer-controlled "printer" that creates three-dimensional objects layer by layer. Check out to see what others have 3D-Printed. Patrons may not use the 3D Printer directly, but may provide their own filament if it's from an approved source. To receive a quote using our filament, send your design to The cost is $1 per 30 minutes of print time.

Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are still a widely-used and valuable piece of equipment. Outside of programming, our sewing machine is available for reservation anytime during opening hours. Free to use, but patrons must use their own materials (sewing thread, fabric, etc).

Cutting Machine

Our Cricut Maker machine is free to use and allows you to cut paper, vinyl, fabric, craft foam, sticker paper, faux leather, and more! It can also draw, score, foil and embellish. The library keeps some basic, plain vinyl for programming and tutorials, but patrons must use their own materials for personal projects. You may log in to your account using our computer or connect your own laptop/tablet to the machine.

Power Heat Press

A power heat press may be used to adhere iron-on adhesive designs onto t-shirts and other products. Patrons may use this equipment for free of charge by appointment.

3D Pens, camera, wood burning tools, button maker, etc....

Miscellaneous items, when not used for programming, are available anytime for free use within the library by a patron upon request.


The Makerspace is a place where people of all ages and skill levels can create and explore in a world of technology and art that might not otherwise be within reach. ACPL’s Makerspace aims to unlock potential in the community to find out what it can create.

We will continue to grow and improve upon the various ways you can create!

Contact the makerspace organizer

(620) 442 - 1280 Ext. 1001